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Fulfilling your vision

Is there something you care deeply about and could really use the support of a whole community, working together with a common goal? It may be something not yet tackled by Lovin Community, or perhaps it's more specific in scope than the communities on here allow for, but a group focused on it just isn't enough. Do you belong to existing initiatives and groups that need a cohesive online platform to unite them? Whatever the situation, this is the place to jumpstart that online community, with all the resources you'll need to make your dream a reality.

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Giving support to great ideas

Want to see what's next on the horizon? Which ideas are gathering momentum and offer opportunities to early adopters? This is a playground for the new, the creative and the inspiring. From new business endeavors to promising ways of revolutionizing society, this platform is an incubator for new platforms. See what deserves your support, which investment opportunities exist, and what initiatives people with good ideas and open hearts get behind.

Structuring communities

Providing structure to existing communities

Many existing organizations and communities are doing great work in the world, or are just really meaningful to be a part of, but their networks remain disorganized and fragmented. Having a common online space for all constituents, members, supporters and organizers can make a world of a difference. Test the idea out here, and see if people would do what it takes to start a dedicated online community to support and empower what you already do.

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